Friday, 18 May 2012

DJ Booth Finished.

Got this finished today, and it took about 2hrs to fit.  Heres some finished pictures...

I've enjoyed making this one, and can see me making more curved work in the future.  Thanks for looking.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

DJ Booth III

Okay this is all finished in the workshop now and I'm fitting it tomorrow and will update with finished pictures then. But for now I have filled in the middle and have made the two returns and polished it with Hard Wax Oil.

Heres a few pics of the finished DJ Booth in the white, right hand end return.

Left hand small return with side cap fixed.

Right side and centre.  

Front elevation

Believe it or not the hardest components to make and fit were the front and side returns.
Thats it I will update tomorrow when fitted, thanks for looking.

Monday, 14 May 2012

It's Not Always About Woodwork.

   Where my workshop is on our farm, we always get a lot of the scrap metal lads turning up asking if we have any scrap metal.  Well, on Saturday they turned up asking if we had any, we didn't, but I noticed a cast iron fireplace on the back of their truck and asked if they would like to sell it rather than melting it down for scrap.  We agreed on a price, and they unloaded it for me.

As you can see it's quite rusty, but I think it has some nice details and has a very Art-Deco feel.

So I set about cleaning it up and removing all the rust prior to painting.  After about two hours it was looking rust free and ready for the heat resistant paint I had cadged off my friend Richard the wood-burner installer.

With the rust cleaned off, I then washed the whole thing down with thinners and then flashed the thinners off. It was time for paint...

I'm pleased with the result and think it will look nice in my front room. Now I did say it's not always about woodwork, but as you can see there is something missing and I will need to make a timber fire surround to frame it, nothing fancy because I don't want to detract from the cast insert.  My wife Katie has suggested painting the flowers for a bit of colour, but I'm not sure yet so will think about it for a bit.
Thanks for looking

Friday, 11 May 2012

DJ Booth II.

I've been making progress with the Oak DJ Booth, I think I had got as far as making the former, so it was time to form the curved corners.

I think the last time I did this kind of work was about 15yrs ago when I was working in the Netherlands fitting out luxury motor yachts, I was going to take some pictures of this process but needed to get a move on as the glue was setting up to fast. So I jumped right to the three layers of 8-3-8 mms of bendy ply seen here in my vac-bag.

With that in the former it was time to turn my attention to the area where the decks and mixer are going, my client wanted to have the decks flush with the top and the mixer on a raised and sloped pedestal. The back of this area needs to follow the curved corner, so I need to rout a top and a bottom shelf at the same time.  I have left these both over width so I can use my radius jig, and then just rip the screw hole off.

I then made another jig for the router so the deck holes could be cut out, here you can see them cut out and edged.  I have also cut some bearers in at 63mm plus the 19mm for the top, this makes 82mm, so the decks will come flush with the top.

You can see the mixer pedestal below.

This all needs to sit on a shelving unit for an amp, and record storage below. This needs a back in of course, but I have left that out until I have drilled all the holes I need for cables.

With the deck stand at the correct height I can now try the curved ends for a fit, its about 0.7mm out at the moment but with the layer of veneer it will be spot on.

And with both curved corners on.

Deck area.

Now because there is a chamfer detail on all intersections, I need to lip both edges on these corner forms before veneering.

With that done and trimmed off I need to get on with the veneering, which means I get to use my festool veneer trimmer.  Hmm could do with a new blade me thinks, but worked a treat and I did all twenty pieces in one cut.

So it was time to get it back in the bag.

Out of the bag and a quick check over for faults...none found I'm pleased to report.

2hrs later and a bit of scraping and sanding gets me to here.

Thats it for for now have a good weekend and thanks for looking. 

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

DJ Booth.

I had an enquiry about a month ago for a curved DJ Booth, so I'm in the process of making it now and thought I would document the build.  Here is the overall design..

As you can see the corners are curved, and the front and returns are made from solid oak with a chamfer detail at all the intersections.

First job was to make the former for the curved corners, and that starts with a piece of 9 mm mdf and a hole.

I then need to use my radius jig for the router, its a piece of timber with a couple of spare guide bars from an old router, housed in for my router to attach too.

Just a matter of putting a screw in the marked centre-line.

And placing that on my pattern board.

Attach the router to the radius jig and line up to the required radius.

Then cut.

I then ripped a load of what will become my ribs for the former, they are made from scraps which is why they are from different materials, I have numbered and and used the cabinet makers triangle to ensure they are in order.

Then its just a matter of rough cutting the ribs, screwing the template that I cut earlier to the rough rib and routing.

I'm using a pattern cutting bit in my router for this.

Which gets me to here, the board under the ribs will become the base to my former.

Its then a case of gluing and screwing the ribs to the base board.

Then I need to transfer the rib spacings to a piece of 8 mm bendy ply, and mark the centre.

Run glue over the ribs, pin the centre line and work my way to the edge

One former, about 5hrs work.

I then got on with machining the oak for the front and returns.

Thats as far as I've got today.  Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Maker's Mark.

For a while now I have been asked by quite a few of my clients if I would sign my work, If the work is a free standing piece I normally write or carve my name somewhere discreet. But I gave some thought to a brass Maker's Mark about a month ago, with a view to having someone make me some to my own design. Well today they were delivered, and I'm very happy with the work.

They are made of a brass 2-mm disc and kind of have a distressed feel to them, the font is Hill House and is the distinctive handwriting of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. They were made for me by Makers Marks and I will recommend them to you, if you are a patient person. 

Thanks for looking.

Monday, 7 May 2012

A few bits and bob's.

Its been a while, I seem to be writing again...But here are a few recently finished pieces.

A small bathroom cabinet in Sycamore and Golden Madrone, with a dovetailed case.

Another bathroom cabinet in European white ash, and figured walnut.

A large painted bookcase.

And a shakerish Oak sideboard, with Bocote knobs.

No work in progress pictures I'm afraid, but I'm making a curved Oak DJ Booth next which I will be doing a full write up on. Thanks for looking.